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The Breakfast Show provides unique and fresh perspectives around current affairs and contemporary topics through the lens of Islam, evoking discussion from diverse viewpoints combined with facts that reinforce Islamic teachings.

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Tuesday 18th January

We talk to Professor Luis Fraga, former Vice-President of the American Political Science Association: Professor Frank Deale a former member of the staff of the Center for Constitutional Rights & Professor Paul Ortiz a PEN-award winning author

Tuesday 18th January

Dr. Muzaffar Chaudhary, consultant Urologist & Dr. Ayesha Shah, trainee doctor  discuss risks non-vaccinators pose to others

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Energy Crisis: Why is the UK Facing an Energy Crisis and How Do We Cope with It?

 World Religion Day 2022

Presenters Imam Athar & Bashir Ahmed

Producer Simab Rehman

Tourists in Pakistan Froze to Death After Unusually Heavy Snowfall

More for People Living Their ‘American Dream’ as New York City Becomes Largest City in The Country to Grant Voting Rights to Noncitizen

Will He Stay or Will He Go? Should Non-Vaxxers be Allowed to Travel Freely?

Presenters Imam Maaz Ahamd & Danayal Zia

Producer Sidra Tul Muntaha

USA, Russia, China, UK and France Pledge to Avoid Nuclear War

How Can Teachers be Good Role Models?

Being Honest with Ourselves, Why Self-Reflection is Key

Presenters Imam Muhammed Ather & Khalid Bhunnoo

Producer Anam Ahmedi & Hania Yaqub

Attributes of Excellence – The Holy Prophet (sa)

Presenters Imam Shahil Munir Ahmed & Imam Mubaraz Amini

Producers Dr Fatima Rizwan, Salman Khokhar, Arifa Khan & Atiya Tur Rub Ahmad

Scotland Looks to Rethink Drug Policy After Surge in Deaths

What Will Happen if Bees Go Extinct?

Presenters Imam Touqeer Tanvir & Waleed Ahmad

Producer Bareera Saqib Mansoor

Join us weekdays 7am-9am with specialist guests discussing a range of contemporary topics:

USA, Russia, China, UK and France pledge to avoid nuclear war

The UK, Russia, China, US and France have pledged to reduce the likelihood of an unwinnable nuclear war. We explore the reasons behind this joint agreement and how these powerful nations plan to put into action this plight.

Special guests share their views on this topical issue.

How can teachers be good role models?

Recent news has highlighted some teachers acting unprofessionally in their work environment. Whilst this does not represent all teachers, we will discuss and highlight the importance of understanding roles and responsibilities as a teacher. Exactly what impact can a teacher have on their students and should a teacher be a role model?

We invite special guests to answer theses questions and more on this Wednesday’s Breakfast Show.

Islamic Higlights:

The Holy Qur’an champions the sanctity of life:

…whosoever killed a person – unless it be for killing a person or for creating disorder in the land – it shall be as if he killed all mankind; and whoso gave life to one , it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind. 

Holy Quran, Chapter 5 verse 33

The Promised Messiah (as) said: “An individual with self‐respect and self‐control, who is also forbearing and dignified, has the right to correct a child to a certain extent or guide the child.  But a wrathful and hot‐headed person who is easily provoked is not fit to be a guardian of children.  (Malfuzat, vol. 2, p. 4)

Presenter:Murabbi Mohammed Athar & Khalid Bhuunno
Producers: Hania & Anam Ahmedi
Researchers:Mahruchhala Ahmed, Nawira Khan, Hania, Anam Ahmedi

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