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Join Raza Ahmad, Qayyum Rashid and Hanif Khan for Friday's show where we will be discussing:
Winter Worries / Selfies

Winter Worries

With energy and food bills rising households have been warned they may face a “very difficult winter”. Coupled with the end of the universal credit uplift, many vulnerable families risk a very difficult winter. Join us as we discuss the need to protect those in poverty and older persons when times get tough.

Winter Worries vulnerable people

Selfies: Creating a narcissistic society

Social media has undoubtedly been a useful modern tool to connect people far and wide. But the same technology is breeding a culture of vanity? Join us as we discuss how vanity, especially through social media, is impacting society.

selfies narcissistic society

Guests include:

Professor Phil Reed  Chair in Psychology at Swansea University

Missionary Serjeel Ahmed  National President serving The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on the Islands of Pohnpei and Kosrae


Produced by:

Ruhi Yaqub,  Arub Anwar, Sarah Malik

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