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Join Sheikh Sammar Ahmad and Raheel Ahmad for Thursday's show where we will be discussing: slavery and Maulana Rumi


An unfortunate truth is that slavery has existed since Mesopotamian times. One of the most notable periods of slavery was in the 17th and 18th when people were kidnapped from Africa and forced into indentured servitude and exploitation in America. The tragic impact of this transatlantic trade is still seen today. Join us, as we discuss the African diaspora and the effects of slavery on black Americans today.

salvery, islam, modern slavery, faith, religion, blm, slaves

Maulana Rumi :

Maulana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi was a devout Muslim, but there is a drive to erase Islam from his legacy, whether that be by some in the West or those who take the Sufi poets statements quite literally as opposed to understanding the deep metaphorical level behind
his poetry, which all revolve around the Divine.

Rumi, islamic philosophy, islam, iran

Guests includes

Alan Williams (Research Professor of Iranian studies)

Imam Zartashat Latif

Produced by:

Sarah Malik

Faiza Mirza

Iffat Mirza

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