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Join Sheikh Sammar Ahmad and Raheel Ahmad for Thursday’s show where we will be discussing: Religion/Swearing

  • Religion: A marketing tool?

Fashion likes to be cutting edge, but is there a line to be drawn when it comes to disrespecting religion to sell products?

Join us as we discuss how freedom of expression should not be a complete free for all and be mindful of respecting the sentiments of others.

  • Swearing: Tame your Tongue

Some people believe swearing is ‘good for us’ – but is encouraging the use of vile language really good for society?

Join us as we discuss how self control is at the root of personal development.


Guests include:

Abdul Lodhi (Representative from the Big Iftar Team)

Khalil Yusuf (Lawyer)

Dr Richard Stephens (Senior Psychology Lecturer in Keele University

Ahmad Owusu Konado (External Affairs Secretary & Spokesperson for Scotland)

Imam Muhammad Ahmad Kurshid


Produced by: Sunya Athwal, Amtul-Waheed Rafiq, Safiya Kahan and Benasir Rafiq


A live and interactive show which airs from 4 pm to 6 pm every weekday evening. The Drive Time show aims at covering topical issues as well as matters of faith. Helping inform listeners around the teachings of Islam as the solution for issues one may face on a personal, societal or global level.






Drive Time Show gets you involved in the discussion, with the topics that matter, every weekday 4-6 pm.

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