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10 May 2021

To Halal or Not

To Halal or Not

That indeed is the question. For a Muslim, this refers to the consumption of clean and pure food, as required by Islamic dietary laws. This is trivial if one resides in a primarily Islamic country. However, such was not the case in many Western countries. Only during the latter part of the 20th century, due to increased immigration […]

Status of Women in Islam

“He created you from a single being, then of the same kind made its mate.” (39:7)[1] This verse from chapter 39 of the Holy Quran simplifies the centuries long debate: that men and women were created equally, and that they would have equal status in the society in which they coexist. This teaching, and the […]

28 February 2021



Homelessness has been an issue affecting the poor and vulnerable in society since time immemorial and continues even today. Ironically, homelessness is no less of a problem in the most economically advanced countries than it is in the poorest nations of the world, making it apparent, that the cause is not so much to do […]

The Importance of Education

Wake up, pack our bags and plug our headphones in to block out the hustle and bustle of the commute to work and school. When Lockdown hit, the endless Zoom calls and constant alarms/reminders to complete tasks became overwhelming for everyone as they entered an online world never experienced before. Teachers worked late hours from […]

Theory of Relativity and Quran

E=mc2 is the most fascinating, complex and intriguing theory of the 20th century and has been the most sought-after topic for Science fiction. In this theory, if described in the simplest of terms, Einstein emphasised the unified entity of space and time, outlined the concept of all motion being relative and time being a dimension, not an absolute quantity.   […]