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Join Raza Ahmed and Arif Khan on Monday’s show where we will be discussing:

  • University – An investment or debt?

In today’s show we are going to consider if every job really requires a higher education? Are universities providing quality education for the amount of “fees” paid by students. We take a look at the routes taken after school or college. The show will also look at the importance of education and work in Islam.



  • Prayer – The key to success

Worship is common to all religions. Some pray to God whilst standing, sitting, kneeling or a combination of ways. However one chooses to pray it is essential that one connects with their Lord and strengthens their relationship with the Creator.
In today’s show we will be looking at the purpose, types, importance, and benefits of prayer from an Islamic perspective. We will also be looking at how one must continuously strive to improve their worship and safeguard themselves from idle thoughts during prayer.


Guests include:

Suellen Shay  (Associate Professor, University of Cape Town)

Emma Winter (Director of Undergraduate Marketing Programs, University of Portsmouth)

 Maheda Rehman (President of AMWSA)

Iram Hamayon Ahmed (Mother and works within local community for women and children)

Aleem Mehmood  (Missionary-currently serving as Tutor and School Imam at T. I. Ahmadiyya Girls’ Senior High School in Ghana)

Sophie Mahmood (Writer and Businesswoman)

Dr Mujib ul Haq Khan (Retired  Medical General Practitioner,National Health Service)

Nureen Bajwa (Studied Banking & Finance, working as a banker)

Produced by:

Nureen Bajwa, Maliha Shahzad Ghazala Hafeez

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