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Join Raza Ahmad & Khalid Bhunnoo for Friday’s show where we will be discussing:

  • Grenfell – Justice for Grenfell

In the early hours of 14th June 2017, 72 people passed away in the Grenfell Tower Fire, a tragic day for the entire nation. Two years on we ask if enough was done to prevent the tragedy and whether the response has been adequate. Grenfell will forever be in our hearts, but has justice been served or will this forever remain a sign of divide reflecting the inequality in our society?

  • Time Management– Don’t be busy, be productive!

“And say not to anything , I am going to do it tomorrow” – Holy Quran (18:24) Our lives revolve around Time. We should respect time because once it’s gone, it is never going to come back again. Every morning, we are credited with 24 hours and every night it writes off whatever time we are unable to use constructively and productively. It carries no credit or overdraft. We all have a choice of how much importance and value we give to time. Therefore, we need to manage our time well, and use every second of the 24 hours to our advantage. Join us as we discuss the importance of managing the 24 hours of your day efficiently by balancing both work and home life.


Guests include:

Joe Delaney  (Participant of Grenfell Public Enquiry)

Nour-eddine Aboudihaj (Spokesperson of Grenfell Trust)

Gerald Oppenheim (Chair of the Board of Trustees at London Emergencies Trust)

Sean Mendez (Founder and Director of Solidarity Sports)

Nadeem Vanderman (Member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association)

Ian Caldecourt (Senior Consultant at Hemsley Fraser Group)

Dawn Fiske (The Life Coach & Trainer from Milestone Training & Coaching Co based in Basingstoke, Hampshire)

Produced by: Ayesha Naseem , Nureen Bajwa and Naveeda Gondal


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