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Let Drive Time accompany you every weekday afternoon between 4-6 pm, with LIVE discussions on the topics that matter.

Join us with Dr. Tariq Bajwa and Tahir Khalid on Wednesday’s show where we will be discussing:

  • Conflict – Oil & politics

    In this show we will look at the importance of natural resources such as oil and how it directs our international politics. We will highlight the important aspects of Middle Eastern politics and find the interests of western world in that region. Most importantly look at the current USA and Iran relations in terms of oil politics.


  • Faith – Do you need religion to be a good person

    In this show we will discuss faith and how it impacts us at an individual and societal level. We answer common questions such as if religion is the reason behind conflict in the world today and if we can only be a ‘good’ person if we are of faith. We will discuss how religion has many benefits because it brings order, peace, and unity in this world. The teachings of Islam cover all the aspects of our lives, hence it is a complete code of life.

Guests include:

John Lyndon (European Director – Alliance for Middle East Peace)

Deina Abdelkader (Associate Professor, Political Science Department, University of Massachusets, Lowell)


Produced by:

Sana Nadeem and Maria Shamim

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