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Join Qayyum Rashid and Masood Malik on Thursday’s show where we will be discussing;

  • Austria- Shutting down mosques
  • Today we will be looking at Austria and its most recent proposed legislation which aim to increase restrictions on religion. Since the Migrant Crisis that came to light in 2014, the Austrian government has taken measures to limit people from expressing their faiths. Join us as we trace the origins of this repression and track its potential consequences within and outside of Austria. We will also be applying an Islamic lens in viewing the broader issue at hand: the necessity of freedom of expression and freedom of all religions, as well as the need to clear Islam of the negative reputation that it seems to have acquired in the last few years.
  • Humility – Stay HumbleThe basis of all the commandments necessary to attain God’s pleasure is humility and humbleness. God’s Apostles and also his chosen Caliphs are exclusive in this regard; they incarnate extreme humility and humbleness. Undoubtedly, the paramount example of this characteristic can be seen in the person of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). In today’s show we look at how important it is to remain humble especially in today’s society where we portray our lives openly on social media and therefore make it accessible for everyone. We want to reflect on exemplary characters and how they have remained patient and humble even in times of trials and tribulations.


Guests include:

Ayesha Noor (American Muslim, founder of Equal Entrance-a campaign to prove the equal status of Muslim women inside and out of the mosque)

Abdul Lodhi  (National secretary of the department of charities and welfare Ahmadiyya Muslim community )

Nabeel Basit (Serving missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Austria)


Producers: Iffat Mirza & Faisa Khan

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