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Join  Safeer Ahmad Rabeeb Mirza on Wednesday’s show where we will be discussing:

  • Trials – Blessings in disguise?

Have you ever gone through a relatively hard point in your life and wondered why you specifically have had to experience this? Have you ever had a life-changing experience that you thought would potentially ruin your life but actually resulted in a positive? Join us on today’s show where we discuss trials and how they affect our lives.

  • Lying – A commendable trait

A recent weekend column in the Guardian said; ‘I love children who lie for no reason’ In today’s show we refute such mindsets, looking into problems that may arise if we make a habit of lying. We ask why some children might feel the need to lie and how we can deal with this with better parenting, instead of applauding bad habits.

Guests include:

Imam Ibrahim Noonan Sahib ( Missionary for the Ahmadiyya Muslim community)
Mrs Noureen Sadaf (Member of Lajna Imaillah UK)
Miss Fakhra Namal (Mathematics teacher)

Imam Farhan Iqbal (Missionary in charge for the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Canada)


Produced by: Amtul Waheed Rafiq and Kashifa Qamar



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