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Join Raza Ahmed, Qayyum Rashid and Danayal Zia for Friday’s show from 4-6pm where we will be discussing: ‘Cobalt mining' and 'Anti christ '

Cobalt mining

There is little media attention on the human atrocities and injustice that is happening at the cost of cobalt and copper mining in Congo. With the use of child labour, abuse, exploitation and more, thousands have been killed or left with lifelong changes. Join us as we look at how ethical ‘clean’ energy really is and what is driving the demand for these minerals.

Anti christ

Dajjal is a term in Arabic that means “the great deceiver.” It is a sign of the Latter Days and signifies the Satanic forces that would unleash at the time of coming of the Messiah. Amongst Muslims and Christians the concept of Dajjal or anti christ remains an obscure phenomenon. Today we will discuss how Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) has clarified this.



Maurice Carney – Maurice Carney, director of the Friends of the Congo organisation

Zainab Rahim – Communications and Admin Officer for Rights and Accountability in Development (RAID)


Aiza Rabani and Qayyum Rashid