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Join Safeer Zartasht Khan for Tuesday’s show where we will be discussing: Prayer/ Anger

  • Prayer – A powerful connection

The Islamic concept of prayer is a direct pouring forth of the soul by the supplicant before the Divine Majesty. Join us as we discuss that of all the influences that work towards the making and modification of the human soul, prayer is the single most important factor.


  • Anger – Extinguish the fire inside

12% of Brits say that they have trouble controlling their own anger, with 28% worrying about how angry they sometimes feel. Join us as we discuss how to keep our emotions in check.


Guests include: 

Imam Musawer Shahkar (Finland)

Produced by: Faiza Mirza


A live and interactive show which airs from 4 pm to 6 pm every weekday evening. The Drive Time show aims at covering topical issues as well as matters of faith. Helping inform listeners around the teachings of Islam as the solution for issues one may face on a personal, societal or global level.





Drive Time Show gets you involved in the discussion, with the topics that matter, every weekday 4-6 pm.

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