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Join Tahir Khalid and Talib Man for Monday’s show where we will be discussing: Famine/ Holy Scritpures

  • Famine – A case of injustice

Famines are not due to a lack of food in the world, but caused by conflict, climate crisis and inequality.
In a world ridden by the pandemic, it becomes even more important for world leaders to unite and do all they can to stop multiple famines breaking out.

  • Holy Scriptures: Fit for the modern world?

Over a billion people globally do not identify themselves with any religion. In such a world, is there a need for Holy Scriptures?

Guests include:

Alexandra Rutishauser Perera (Head of Nutrition of Action Against Hunger UK)

Manda Lakhani (Trustee of The Hunger Project)

Imam Ibrahim Noonan (Imam of the Maryam Mosque, Galway, Ireland)



Produced by: Syeda Tahida Hasan and Fezia Haq.



A live and interactive show which airs from 4 pm to 6 pm every weekday evening. The Drive Time show aims at covering topical issues as well as matters of faith. Helping inform listeners around the teachings of Islam as the solution for issues one may face on a personal, societal or global level.






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