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Join Saad Ahmed for Tuesday’s show from 4-6pm where we will be discussing: “Refugee Stories" and "Islamic Finance."

Refugee Stories

For decades, the media has portrayed refugee migration as a crisis. However, refugees bring valuable skills, diverse cultural perspectives, and a strong work ethic that enrich local economies and social fabrics. Tune in today as we explore how refugees overcome adversity, drive innovation, foster cultural exchange, and strengthen community bonds, showcasing the profound benefits they bring to society.

Islamic Finance

We will delve into the causes of economic distress and its global impacts. Furthermore, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of capitalism and interest, alongside Islamic teachings on these matters. Is our current economic system responsible for our hardships? Can Islam provide a more beneficial alternative?


Mohamad Ali Alzein (CEO and Founder of Bees & Refugees)



Nadia Shamas, Peevish Huma, Mutbashra Ahmed and Manahil Khalid.