Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 30-03-2017

Topic 1: Care Crisis: Is Society Responsible?
We spoke to callers about the causes, solutions and implications of the social care crisis. The NHS worker spoke about the how she dealt with the shortage of social care in A & E. Angela Sherman from Care to Be Different highlighted the complexities of securing funding for people needing continuing healthcare at home. Lisa James from Independent Age put forward a strong case for making social care free at the point of need. Then our final caller explained the moral case for caring in society from the viewpoint of a Catenian Catholic spokesman: John Woodhouse.
The show closed with looking at the moral underpinnings of our care system. We considered Islam’s teachings on this in the Holy Quran and hadith.
Topic 2: Students in War-zones
The show discussed what the current situation is in warzones like Syria. We looked at how young people are managing with respects to their studies. We looked at recent BBC articles where students are taking the option of distant learning. We had callers including professionals and journalists.
The show also highlighted universities that are providing free higher education. This lead to discussing examples of war zones in the current years such as Afghanistan and Ukraine etc and what students did there. We concluded by analysing the Islamic perspective and response to war and peace.
Pressenter : Tahir Khalid
Producer: Nabeela Shah and Fareena Bhatti


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