Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 20-04-2017

Topic 1: Russia: Threat or Ally?
We spoke about Russia’s role on the world stage and its motivations. The show focussed primarily on its position in Syria with two callers, one being CJ Werleman, a columnist from Middle East Eye, speaking with some perception on the political and social implications of their role. We also spoke to Giorgio Cafiero, who elaborated on the political chaos in Libya to illustrate Russia’s motives to do things differently in Syria. Another caller, Keir Giles, spoke about how Russia’s relationship with cyber technology could be seen as another threat to the military one. The show also included some meaningful reflections on how the Syrian conflict could be resolved from our guest presenter, Sir Iftikhaar Ayaz OBE.

Topic 2: Human Rights: cause of conflict or secret ingredient to Peace?

We looked at how Human Rights around the world are under increasing threat today. Most violations of human rights occur in the third world and developing countries. We analysed how we must realise our responsibilities as human beings in paying attention to solving those issues of human rights, so that we can help to establish the peace in the world. During the show we spoke with our guest presenter, Sir Iftikar Ayaz OHE, Dr. Craig Considine and played a pre-recorded interview with Dr. Kashif Chaudry.

At the end we highlighted if we truly want peace in our time then we must act with justice. We must value equality and fairness. As the Holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) so beautifully stated, we must love for others, what we love for ourselves. We must pursue the rights of others with the same zeal and determination that we pursue our own rights.

Presenters: Murrabi Silsila Rawahuddin Arif Khan and Sir Iftikhaar Ayaz OBE 
Producer: Nabeela Shah and Aqeela Shanzay Zaffar


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