Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 19-05-2017

Topic 1: Should loudspeakers be banned at religious places of worship?
We started the show by looking at how this topic has been making headlines in countries like India and Israel and why some countries want to ban the use of loudspeakers at religious worship places. We looked at arguments for both sides. Sonam Mahajan said that if individuals have a right to worship others have the right to lead a noise free peaceful life. Zafar ul haq suggested that countries like India should work on their laws and stop the use of loudspeakers especially near schools and hospitals.
The Islamic perspective was discussed and the purpose of Adhaan including how it was initiated. Imam Raza concluded the show by emphasizing the Islamic stance on this issue and that it is important to follow the law of the land and to take care of ones neighbours. We then looked at the UK law on the use of loudspeakers noise pollution and on the use of church bells.
Presenters: Murrabi Silsila Raza Ahmed 
Topic 2: Charity Walk for Peace
We spoke about the Charity Walk for Peace that took place on Sunday 14th May, 2017 in Newham. We also looked forward to the upcoming Atfal Charity Walk taking place on the 27th of May. Pre recorded interviews from Sunday were played. These interviews featured charities and walkers at the event.
Presenter: Imam Raza Ahmed
Producer: Raghiba Shahid and Faiza Mirza


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