Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 19-04-2017

Topic 1: Anxiety and Depression
We discussed the difference between depression and anxiety, as well as the causes and treatments​. The guests also discussed the social pressures which lead to depression and how awareness is improving treatment as well removing the stigma associated with mental health issues. Finally the presenters discussed about the Islamic perspective regarding mental health and treatment


Topic 2: How did Europe benefit from Islamic Spain?
Our guests discussed the civilisation of Muslims in Spain which brought Europe out of the dark ages such as the revolution of agriculture. We also discussed the First mosque to be built in Spain after the fall of Cordoba and the downfall of Islam in Spain. This was the Basharat (glad tidings) mosque in Pedroabad. Another caller talked about the equal and fair treatment in Spain in the south regions and how the Spanish people’s interest in Islam has not diminished.


Presenters: Safeer Zartasht Khan and Sheikh Sammar

Producers: Syeda Maria Shah and Saira Arif Gonzalez


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