Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 18-05-2017

Topic: Ramadan and Umrah

With only 9 days to go till Ramadan, we looked at how people can prepare for this blessed month. Guests included a nutritionist and a doctor. After looking at the effect of Ramadan on one’s health guests also provided some tips on what foods and methods to implement to ensure you stay healthy during the Summer fasts.
We also spoke with Imam Raja Burhan who answered common questions about who is and isn’t obliged to fast. We also looked at the age at which fasting is prescribed and fasting during exams for students.
The second part of the show looked at Umrah. We spoke to two people who have been to Mecca and Medina and asked them to share their experiences.

Producer: Imam Raza Ahmed
Topic 2: Venezula

We looked at the current political and economical situation in Venezuela. We also discussed the future for this state with our guests.

Producer: Nureen Bajwa
This show was presented by : Raza Ahmed


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