Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 17-05-2017

Topic 1: Extreme Revision – is it counterproductive to achieving good exam results.
The show focused on the perils of exam season and the issues associated with it . We looked at whether examinations were the best model to address progress and intellectual stimulation of an individual. The show also touched on the wellbeing of students and the coping mechanisms of different individuals to the pressures of exams and revision. We then analysed the different methods of revision and if last minute preparations were counterproductive to achieving desired results. The show also expanded on examination-based educational system and if this was producing eclectic individuals rather than just individuals programmed with information. We discussed this with our four callers. We concluded by highlighting Islam ‘s perspective on encouraging both believing men and women to seek knowledge with moderation and balance regarding the individual’s well being.
Topic 2: Religion – Cause of Unity or Division?
The show looked at religion – does it divide or unify society. We looked back at history of religion, where it has both united and divided. We spoke about how religion can still unify people, especially at times of disaster. We then analysed reasons why so many conflicts exist in Muslim majority countries. We discussed these points with our two atheist callers and then closed by speaking with Nauman Hadi from the Institute of Languages and Theology about what Islam says on the matter. Islam teaches unity for all people of all different backgrounds. True Islam promotes love and tolerance within society
Presenters: Safeer Zartasht Khan and Mansoor Clarke
Producer: Matina Hakim and Faiza Mirza


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