Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 17-04-2017

Date: Monday 17th April 2017
Topic: Easter Celebrations – Are they supported by the Bible?
We aired a special Easter Monday Show looking at Easter celebrations in today’s age and what place they played with reference to what the Bible teaches. For the first hour we were joined on air by Navida Syed who is Deputy Editor of the Christian section of the Review of Religions and Joe Ronan from catholic Voices, a group of lay Catholics who are active in explaining the church’s position in public. The first hour dealt with certain traditions such as Lent, Mothering Sunday and Easter eggs.
In the second hour Barbra Cobbald, a Methodist, joined us on air as we looked at Holy Week and questioned whether or not Jesus really did die on the cross. References were made to various verses in the bible and an honest and respectful discussion took place between all participants. An insightful show.
Presenters: Safeer Zartasht Khan and Ibrahim Noonan
Producers: Navida Sayed and Faiza Mirza



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