Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 15-05-2017

Monday 15 May 2017
Topic 1: Woman : The Cost of Inequalities
We looked at the revolution of women from pre-historic time till date. Throughout the show, we discussed how gender inequality and how culture could play a big role in this. We also looked at gender based violence such as domestic violence and how it’s linked to forced marriages and even honour killings which are happening both in the UK and globally. We also discussed statistics and studies on these issues.
Guests included an member of ‘Feminism In India’ to discuss the current situation in India and the measures being taken by organisations, government of India to overcome this issue.
We closed the show by speaking about the high status Islam gives to women.
Presenters: Raza Ahmed and Safeer Zartasht
Producers: Suhaila Gayathry and Aniza Abdullah


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