Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 14-04-2017

Topic 1: Education system in Pakistan
The issues of the education system in Pakistan were discussed and the reasons for the low literacy rate were also mentioned. A comparison was made between the education system of Pakistan and of the UK and other developed countries around the world. The work of two NGO’s was also spoken about on the show.
Topic 2: Mashal Khan – Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws
 We looked at yesterday’s brutal mob attack and murder of the student Mashal Khan. We asked what part blasphemy laws play in firing the fuel of hatred in citizens. It was said that a change needs to come from the top. People become vocal due to the state supporting such ideals. Amongst others, we spoke to Beena Sarwar, Tanvir Arain and Nabiha Meher who discussed the media’s reaction and the situation in Pakistan. We closed the show by speaking to Nauman Hadi who explained how the Holy Prophet (pbuh) dealt with blasphemy – it was always by trying to educate, never to kill. No matter how vile or extreme the blasphemy, we need to educate people. Awareness needs to be raised that the founder of Islam never killed anyone for blasphemy, so what gives others the right?
Presenters: Murrabi Silsila Safeer Zartasht Khan
Producers: Kashifa Qamar, Nyla Abid, Nabeela Shah, Nudrat Qasim, Nabahat Nayyarah & Faiza Mirza


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