Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 13-04-2017

Topic 1 : Hillsborough: A Tragedy & A Fight for Justice

We spoke to a mother of a victim shared the story of how she learnt of her son’s death in detail. It was a very moving story that shed light on the reality of the disaster. An eyewitness who to this day cannot come to terms with what happened also spoke to us about the tragedy that day. Finally a law professor who has fought with the families in their fight for justice spoke with us. The programme looked at how the police and media covered up the truth of the events over a period of 28 years and how this affected the length it took to achieve justice. Murrabi Silsila spoke about justice from an Islamic perspective. Chapter 4, verse 136 of the Holy Quran speaks about justice regardless of the cost. We should not conceal the truth or evade it to save anything or anyone. Justice and honesty are essential.

Topic 2: Serving Humanity: Where can we begin?
The show opened by looking at the rights of parents in light of the Holy Quran and Bible. To discuss the importance of spending time with the elderly, we had Atta-ur-Rahim Ahmed with us who spoke about his visits to the Care Homes. Rights of naighbours were also discussed in great details. Talking to us about free hospital treatment, we had Dr Masudul Hasan Nuri to give an insight of the Tahir Heart Institute in Pakistan. We also spoke to a Helen Bigham from the Mill Charity and closed by speaking about importance of serving humanity and doing good to one another.

Presenter: Raza Ahmed

Producer : Yasmeen Ahmad and Resham Masood


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