Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 12-05-2017

Topic 1: Walking – Is it compatible with modern day living? 
In this programme we looked at the health benefits as well as social, commercial and environmental benefits of walking. We spoke to Jenny from Living Streets about the national walking month. Lance from BrightKidz explained what walking buses are all about and Sarah a teacher talked about her experience of walking. We also spoke about the Islamic Perspective of ensuring you look after yourself physically and spoke of the benefits of taking an early morning walk.
Presenters: Murrabi Silsila Raza Ahmed Murrabi Silsila Tahir Khalid
Topic 2: Charity Walk for Peace
We spoke to three different charities (Eliminate Leukaemia Fund, Headway East London and Worldwide Alternatives to Violence). We first looked at the great work that these charities do and how they raise fund. We then spoke about their participation in the Charity Walk for Peace on Sunday. We then played an audio clip of interviews taken by Imam Rawahuddin Arif Khan at the Pre-Walk Charity Dinner in April.
Presenters: Raza Ahmed and Tahir Khalid
Producers:  Asfa Javaid and Faiza Mirza


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