Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 12-04-2017

Topic: UK Gun Ban: Do Guns Make Society Safer?

We started the show by looking at the gun law in UK and spoke to a law professor and a researcher from Denver University. We then discussed the relationship between gun control legislation and the gun crime both in UK and in US. Throughout the show, we discussed the gun crime and online gun ban poll statistics. We also spoke to a police officer from Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC and exchanged opinions on guns being imported illegally to a country.
Besides that, we spoke to an pro gun organisation from UK regarding the rights of owning a gun and how it can be justified. We also spoke to a gun owner from United States about the need of gun for protection and is it a necessary to carry a gun in the US.
We had a call from a British gentleman who believed guns taught responsibility so laws should be relaxed in the UK
Lastly, we spoke to another pro gun organisation from US who believed that guns don’t kill. Presenters concluded show by explaining Islam promotes peace. Guns are designed to kill, man was not designed to kill.

Presenters: Raza Ahmed and Tahir Khalid
Producer: Suhaila Gayathry


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