Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 11-05-2017

Topic 1: Voting: Is it Worth it?

Many people choose not to vote as they believe that their choice only has an effect on them; which this programme showed wasn’t necessarily true. Your choice not to vote has consequences for people not only in your country, but also all over the world. We also looked at how important it is for everyone across the UK to vote in this Snap General Election and especially for the young voters to step up and register if they want to define their time.
Topic 2: Nuisance Calls- Have telemarketers gone too far?

Through the show we learnt how to put an end to nuisance calls and also the importance of reporting it to ICO (Information Commissioners Office). We also learnt what the government is doing to try tackle the issue and the fines that they have been issuing companies. We also analysed whether this was really helping the problem or if companies were avoiding paying it. We also spoke about the various different nuisance calls such as PPI calls, prank calls and spam calls and the detrimental effect they can have. We concluded the show with advice to the listeners in regards of what to do if ever in the situation of a nuisance call.
Presenters: Rawahuddin Arif Khan and Safeer Khan

Producers: Aqeela Shanzay Zaffar and Amathul Abdul Rafi


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