Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 11-04-2017

Date: Tuesday 11th April 2017

Topic 1: Spring Cleaning
The show was about spring-cleaning. We began by discussing the Islamic perspective, giving more information about spiritual cleansing as well. We then moved onto the issue of clutter and how it can be avoided. As well as this we looked at a few cleaning tips.

Topic 2: Eating Disorders
In this show we looked at what eating disorders are, what causes them and possible solutions.
We gained an insight to eating disorders and learnt they are more then just about food. This is a mental illness and we should all look out to help one another. It was said that the way society views eating disorders needs to change.

Presenter: Safeer Zartasht Khan
Producers: Salmana Pervaiz and Asfa Javaid



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