Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 10-05-2017

Topic 1: Obesity: A Growing Problem

We started by looking at the rising percentage of people suffering from obesity today and how the figures keep rising. Then we focused on what the NHS is doing to help such people, by offering ways to treat them and advising them on how to lead a healthier life. Finally, we looked at the different ways in which the local communities are working together to offer services such as Parks, activities and awareness to the community as a whole. In particular, we highlighted how organisations are working together with schools to promote healthy eating to reduce the growing rise of childhood obesity.

Topic 2: Gangs- Why are young people so drawn to them?

This show focused on the increasing rates of young people wanting to join gangs. The knife crime rate is also increasing and some of it is related to gangs. Our youngsters feel a gap in society and want a sense of belonging. We spoke to four external callers, an ex offender, Greater Manchester Police, Ben Kinsellla Charity Rep and the Founder of a Youth Empowerment organisation. It was summarised that more youth clubs need to be formed and that more work needs to be done in preventing youngsters from joining criminal activities rather than changing the laws for increased punishment. Islam also teaches us to respect our youngsters and also take care of each other in our society and community.


Presenters: Murrabi Silsila Safeer Zartasht Khan and Murrabi Silsila Rawahuddin Arif Khan

Producers: Sunya Ahmed Athwal and Nadyya Ahmad


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