Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 10-04-2017

Topic 1: Blasphemy and Apostasy

We discussed what blasphemy and apostasy were. We looked at what different religions said with respect to these two and especially what Islam teaches. The presenters and Imam Rabeeb Mirza made great emphasis on the fact that there is NO punishment for blasphemy in Islam. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) always responded to hate with love & justice. We also looked at the link between blasphemy and freedom of speech. Mr Michael De Dora said that that freedom of speech is necessary but it should not be used to insult religions.

Topic 2: Slang – How is it affecting the English Language?

We discussed how teenagers mostly speak slang as it gives them a sense of identity; whereas adults see it as destructive to standards in English. One of our guests stated that slang has a negative impact on the young generation. He felt it was harming their speech and has negative impacts on academic performance. In light of this, a school has banned slang so as to improve chances of students acquiring a place at university. Contrarily, it was mentioned that slang IS also used in English literature and can extend one’s vocabulary.

Presenters: Safeer Zartasht Khan and Nauman Hadi
Producers: Raghiba Shahid and Sana Nadeem


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