Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 08-03-2017

Date: Wednesday 8th March 2017

Topic 1: The Budget and Brexit

Today was the day The Budget had just been unveiled. We spent time discussing this as well as the impacts post-brexit on the economy and the NHS. The callers spoke about the changes made since the referendum vote and what they predicted was yet to come.

Topic 2: No Smoking Day

Today’s show was aimed at those who want to quit smoking. Known and unknown side effects, such as the effect of tobacco on animals were discussed. Different ways of quitting were promoted, including hypnotherapy. Opinions on the NHS making their buildings smoke-free were taken into account.
Presenters: Raza Ahmad and Rawahuddin Arif Khan
Producers: Munahil Nasir, Kafia Ahmed and Maliha Shahzad


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