Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 07-04-2017

Date: Friday, 7th April 2017

Topic 1: British Sign Language: should it be compulsory education?
We discussed BSL, what has been done so far and what more needs to be done to give it a legal status.

Topic 2: Interview Disasters – when preparation goes pear shaped!
We spoke to callers to discuss their experience of interview disasters. Two guests shared their experience of being on the receiving end of an awkward interview and a third guest gave humorous tips on what not to do during an interview!
Topic 3: Syria: the chemical weapons attack and the US airstrike on Syria
We discussed today’s airstrike launched by the US on Syria in response to the alleged chemical weapons attack on civilians which happened earlier this week. We highlighted the advice given by beloved Hazoor to stop the supply of weapons in order to bring about peace. Two guests joined the discussion to share their opinions on who were responsible for the chemical attacks and how the airstrike will impact on global relationships in the East and West.
Presenters: Raza Ahmad and Nauman Hadi

Producer: Mashal Huda, Nyla Abid, Nabahat Nayyrah, Maliha Shahzad and Zara Khan


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