Podcast: Drive Time Podcast 04-04-2017

Date: Tuesday 4th April 2017
Topic 1: Free speech: Should there be any limits?
We had representatives from the freedom association and the EnglishPen speak with us. The limits of free speech were discussed and in how far a government can interfere in people’s freedom of expression. People’s personal feelings do matter out of moral obligation. Then the Islamic perspective was discussed regarding free speech and the responsibilities that lie with it.

Topic 2: Forgiveness
We spoke with Dr. Robert Enright (a pioneer in the scientific study of forgiveness) who told us about his studies and stages of forgiveness, whilst also mentioning Islamic teachings. Erin Dooley, Producer of the documentary ‘A way to forgiveness’, shared her experiences. Two of our Correspondants Team (Rida Abeer and Adan Ahmad) went to the F-Word exhibition in Oxo Tower and interviewed the founder of ‘The forgiveness Project’, the prerecording of which was played. We concluded by explaining the importance of forgiveness in Islam. Mentioning examples from the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW) highlighted this.
Presenters: Tahir Khalid and Attaun Noor Hadi
Producers: Nadyya Ahmad and Nabahat Nayyrah



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